The main TeX typographical system' pieces have been fully described par Donald E. Knuth (see below for references). What is missing is the description of the system, that is explanations about how all the pieces fit together and, with supplementary utilities, for a whole. This is on the todo list but, for now, you will have to do with the kerTeX notes...

Jubilee edition

35 years after the first edition, the Computers & Typesetting five books series has been reviewed in 2021 by D.E. Knuth, for the Jubilee edition. The latest corrections; the latest thorough review. Available in your bookshops for the printed version and, for the first time, as PDF at Pearson!

The definitive documentation about TeX, METAFONT and the CM fonts is Donald E. Knuth's five volums series Computers & Typesetting, Addison-Wesley.

À propos the TeX story and differents tehcnical points, see Donald E. Knuth, Digital Typography, CSLI.

File Language Description Authors
dvips.pdf en DVIPS: a TeX driver Tomas Rokicki
mpintro.pdf en The MetaPost System John D. Hobby
cstr_162.pdf en A User's Manual for MetaPost John D. Hobby
cstr_164.pdf en Drawing Graphs with MetaPost John D. Hobby
README en Notes about kerTeX Thierry Laronde

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